User Manual

Server Configuration :

[Note: If you get "404 page not found" error then make AllowOverride in your virual host and check if .htaccess file is uploaded successfully in root or not]

Installation Manual :
  1. Download .zip package
  2. Upload it to your server
  3. Extract the package
  4. Make sure all files and folders has write permission
  5. To use Pinterest you need HTTPS
  6. Run the uploaded url via browser ( and you will find a interface to provide the settings :
    • Hostname : database host name / IP
    • Database Name : create a mysql database on your host and write that name here
    • Database username  : username of the created database
    • Database password : password of the created database
    • Admin Panel Login Email: this will be used to login as admin
    • Admin Panel Login Password : password to log in as admin
    • Company Name and Company Address
    • Company Phone /  Mobile
  7. Click install button
  8. You are done. Log in with your admin username and password and start using.

This panel is for only admin users. As an admin user, you will find everything to control your application here.

Settings > General Settings [Only Admin]


Settings > Email Settings (System SMTP Email: Only Admin)

Settings > Social Login Settings [Only Admin]


API Settings > Facebook Settings


API Settings > Twitter Settings


API Settings > Tumblr Settings


API Settings > Pinterest Settings


User Management [Only Admin]


User List

user list

User Add Form

user list

User Edit Form [Package assign]




Payment > Dashboard [Only Admin]

This is place where you can see your collection report graphically.


Payment > Payment Settings [Only Admin]

This is the place where you set your PayPal account / Stripe account or both and your currency. Your end users will pay to this PayPal account/ Stripe account.


Payment > Package Settings [Only Admin]

Payment > Payment History [Admin will have all and users will have own report]

History of all payment made by end users. You can search be name or payment date.












Campaign List : You can view/edit/clone/delete campaign here.

View will open a modal with a slider containing current campaign items. You can also delete particular item from here:

You will find all resources ( Quotes, Jokes, Facts) here. You can perform Add/Edit/Delete operations.

You can add group here. And when you upload data from "Quote List", you can assign that data to this group.

To get your API KEY and Cron Job command go to Cron Job menu.
Copy the command and configure it into your server.

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